I've lived in so many places in my life. I guess it was my path not to settle in the same town that I was born in: Cleveland, Ohio.

I fell in love with a Swiss man, when I didn't even know where Switzerland was (that was back in 1985, and there was no Google back then, hey, there wasn't even internet or cell phones!).

Living in Switzerland for over 10 years made me appreciate all the things that I never had living in the States.

During those years, we traveled a lot to India and Nepal, and enjoyed the adventures that we experienced.

It was a great chapter of my life.

When we decided to move to the States, I decided that I didn't want to be looking for "the perfect spot" my whole life, so we spent six months driving around to places where we thought we could live: Asheland, OR; Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA; San Diego, CA; Sedona, AZ; Boulder, CO; and even Cleveland, OH.

I wanted to find a place that was small enough, not a huge city.

Where there was lots of sunshine and blue skies.

Where there were 4 seasons, but mild ones.

Where there was enough water...

And where the local people were friendly, and were OK with us moving to "their town".

Asheville was the place that fit the bill.

It's changed a lot since we've moved here, but it still feels good. Actually, better!

Wouldn't it be nice to just "be" somewhere, instead of always looking for that place?

Contact me to help you find out if Asheville is that place.