I've seen a lot of houses. I've been doing this a long time. I know the area well.

For you, that means I know which house on the market are in good spots...not near a cell phone tower, not near the sewage treatment plant, not right under the airport's take off runway.

With me as your cosmic Realtor, I not only keep you within your comfort-range financially, but I find you the best that is out there; the best location, which means, the best resale.

And as your Realtor when it's time to sell, I give you honest advice, and help you to make your home the most attractive and sellable without costing a lot, as if it were me selling it.

Either way, helping you buy or sell comes naturally to me.

I have the right people to help you get a loan, have your place inspected, and even the nicest lawyers in town.

Just ask me the best place to live in any price range, and I will show you where those places are.

The process is fast and fun (OK it's as fun as it can be!).

Just call me and talk about your dreams, your next house, and just continue to ramble and I will call you back promptly because it's what I do!