About Sadhvi

Back in 1998 we decided to leave Basel, Switzerland where we had been living for over 10 years.

We took it kind of scientifically by driving all over the States looking for the right place: Santa Cruz, Berkeley, Mill Valley, San Diego, Asheland, Eugene, Seattle, Sequim and Port Townsend, Sedona, Boulder, Woodstock, Florida, and even Cleveland, Ohio, my home town.

We didn't like any of them.

Then some friends said to come visit them in a place that we had never been before or heard of called Asheville, in a state called North Carolina.

Back then, Downtown Asheville was just Barley's and the Fine Arts Theatre. All the shops on Biltmore Ave. were broken glass storefronts and empty.

The trendy and hip West Asheville was considered a joke to many, simply because so many of the craftsmen-style bungalows were falling apart and in dire need of renovating. The historically-designated Montford houses and N. Asheville homes were for sale, but you definitely had to have some vision and lots of money to fix them up. But funny enough, that is exactly what happened! 

We like where we live.  We like the ever-changing weather.  We love the growing climate.  We enjoy the 4 seasons that we are both used to, the people, and the local food movement that makes it so easy to be here.

But mostly, we like the (mostly) sunny skies.

We are now serious beer drinkers, since there are so many breweries that have opened up.  I can actually use the word LOVE and Wedge's IRON RAIL together. If you come to town and we become friends, we will drink this beer together.

Nowadays, it's hard to find a fixxer-upper, or even a building lot in the city anymore. Or any good land to farm. But that is not stopping people moving here who want to find those things.

Enter me as your cosmic connection to finding what you want.

The entrepenuers who believed in the city years ago now enjoy seeing what they saw back then: a cool, eccletic, and diverse small town that has water, beautiful nature, and a long growing period which means food.

Asheville is the place to be for many people

Contact me to find out if it could be yours.